Make a donation

It's always nice to get support for a volunteer open-source project. If you like Crafty and you want to show your appreciation you can donate by one of two methods:

  1. Using the SourceForge donation link (click SF icon below)
  2. Directly to my PayPal account --

Donations made with the SourceForge donation system contribute a 5% cut towards SourceForge by means of saying thank you to them for hosting this project and its website free of charge! However, SourceForge's donation system regularly causes people problems whilst trying to make a donation so if it's giving you bother you can simply cut out the middle-man and deposit the money into my PayPal account:


Crafty is completely free software so donations are of course entirely optional and are more of a gesture. A straight forward email to say thank you is always appreciated too if you'd rather not donate :)